Privacy Policy

Askastroshalini is the best in India and the most trusted online platform to provide an easy path to our customers for online booking of Puja and Astrology . When the member executes the transaction on, through our payment gateway (that is on a 100% secure server) the Credit card / Debit Card information and IP address is collected. All customer information is completely esoteric and hence cannot be retrieved publicly (visitors, other members, and anyone not employed to Askastroshalini) to detect exact individual user.

Services Offered

We provide the India’s renowned, extremely skilled expert, professional degree holders Pandit jis and Astrologers for you who will come online and do the puja. 

The mediator are banned from retrieving any private recognizable info of the members for any purpose. We do not sell, rent, share, trade or  hand over any of our members confidential info without their approval but in case of  the financial organization which processes the credit card transactions.

These are the values which we considers:


Our people are the Cornerstones of our business. Individual dignity is respected and is given prime importance in the organization teamwork. We respect and support team decisions.

Team vision:

Is what drives the efforts of all the individuals in the organization.

Business Values & Ethics:

We aim to constantly add value to our customer’s requirements and expectations through our cutting edge technology solutions.