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Vedic Puja

Puja, also known as “pooja” or “poojah”, in Hindu religion worship. The word puja is derived from the Dravidian pu (“flower”). In its simplest words, puja is just a way of offering flowers and fruit to the god. It is vary from the sector, community, part of the country, time of day and to the religious.

 The significance of the Vedic puja was to host the priest so that he could make direct requests to the gods.  It became a form of Yoga whose final result is to gain the consciousness of god through homage to god. Some pujas may be performed by the person alone like “home arti”, whereas others may require the services of a ritually qualified person such as a priest (Pandit ji). 

A puja may be performed for a specific announced purpose or simply as an act of devotion.