Vedic Astrology: It’s Core Beliefs and Benefits

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About Vedic astrology

Vedic astrology is an Indian stream of astrology that has a legacy of over 2000 years. In fact, It finds its origin from the oldest of times in ancient India. Since Hinduism is known to be the oldest religion in human civilization, traditions of predicting future based on astrology are in practice, for many decades.

The Vedic system of astrological predictions is accurate and carefully calculated. These predictions are calculated as per the mathematical formulas. Also, it involves the calculations of native birth date, time and place details, with relation to 27 constellations, 12 zodiac signs, 9 planets, and 9 houses. The focus of this astrology is on celestial bodies and the influence of their movement on an individual’s life.

Core beliefs in Vedic astrology

As per the basic beliefs of this astrology and predictions, each celestial body such as sun, moon, and stars influence the beings on earth. Similarly to what the influence of the celestial bodies have on earth’s surface.

Furthermore, the core of Vedic astrology has:

Nine planets which are: Mesh; Vrishabh; Mithun; Kark; Simha; Kanya; Tula; Vrishchik; Dhanu; Makar; Kumbh; Meen

Nine houses which are: Rahu, Ketu, Chandra, Surya, Shani, Guru, Mangal, Budhh

27 Nakshatras which are: Ashwini; Bha- rani; Krittika; Rohini; Mrigshirs- ha; Ardra; Punarvasu; Pushya; Ashl- esha; Magha; Purva Phalguni; Uttara Phalguni; Hasta; Chitra; Swati; Vi- shakha; Anuradha; Jyeshtha’; Mula; Purva Shadha; Uttara Shadha; Shravana; Dhanishtha; Sha- tbhisha; Purva Bhadrapada; Uttara Bhadrapada; Revati; Abhijit (excluded)

Benefits of Vedic astrology

In addition to this, Vedic astrology is used to make predictions for an individual’s present life. In Hindu astrological tradition, it is believed that all human beings are born to serve their karma. The birth of a native is not a random event. Just like that, the soul is reborn at a suitable occasion to complete the unfinished karma of previous birth. And so they have to perform their karmas as per the pre-destined path created and vested upon them by the cosmic power.

Above all, It has many benefits for the individual who are dealing with different kinds of stress and struggles. In other words, accessing the knowledge of the predicted future allows a native to act cautiously, and as per the predestined path.

Some other benefits of Vedic astrology are:

  • It provides remedies to counter bad karma of previous birth.
  • The predictions of Vedic astrology are equally important, as it works like word of caution for natives.
  • Vedic astrologers can guide any native about their education, work, health, and relationships.
  • Also, it provides spiritual guidance and a whole new perspective to deal with situations.

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