Lord Mercury in the Year 2021: Impact of Planets on Every Rashi (Moon Sign)

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The year 2020 was full of twist and turns. Life went through plenty of unexpected events. But the year 2021 has come with new hopes to add delight in your life. In the past year, few wishes have been fulfilled while few are still taking time to come true. Few people were able to shine the coin of their destiny whilst for few the battle with their not-so-good destiny is still continued.

Luckily, the year 2021 horoscope is going to be very fortunate for many of us. Few people will be blessed with good luck, while few will have to take care of some critical things.

As per the Vedic Astrology, Lord Mercury will shower happiness, success, and wealth on every life in the year 2021. Lord Mercury will bring a positive change in every zodiac sign.

If you’re also curious to know more about your future and changes in your zodiac sign or Moon sign, keep your eyes on this article to find out what the upcoming time is to bring in your life. 

Impact of Planets on Every Rashi

Mercury Impact on Aries

Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, is going to be more potent with the entrance of Mercury in your 2021 horoscope. Owing to this potent conjunction, you’ll be taking lots of swift decisions. You’ll be taking speedy action, which isn’t good for sure. According to Vedic astrology, the year 2021 appears to be a little adventurous for you. In many spheres, your speedy executions will provide you success. Still, you need to take careful steps. The planet’s conjunction is indicating that you should think twice before moving ahead for any task. On one side, the possibilities of starting a new career are also thriving. With more innovating ideas, you’ll begin your 2021 journey. For people in the business line, the new year has arrived with incredible advantages. 

Mercury Impact on Taurus

Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, will bring a drastic change in your life with the land of mercury planet in your horoscope. In the year 2021, you’ll become more innovative; the planets are likely to turn you more creative. Your thought power will get a big boom. You’re already hardworking that draws other attention and in the year 2021 you’ll be rewarded for it. At the workplace, you’ll show your unbeatable skills; your employers, boss, etc. will appreciate you. If you run a business, you’ll be able to gratify your clients. Everyone will praise you. For married couples, the years 2021 will bring new hopes; it’ll make your relationship stronger. The possibilities for travel are also rising. 

Mercury Impact on Gemini

Lord of Mercury is going to bless Gemini with lots of happiness. In the year 2021, you’ll feel more curious about things. Such as, if you’re a student, you’ll anticipate learning more things. Though, you will be unable to focus on everything as too many thoughts will wander around in your mind. Still, your social communication skills will be improved. People in business management or mass communication industry will feel more motivated in this year. Relationship will stay healthy, and there’re high chances that you will cover a short trip along with your family. You’ll receive the full support of your family, so the new year is going to be more grateful to you.

Mercury Impact on Cancer

This zodiac sign’s personalities are sensitive from the heart. Instead of mind, these people’s decisions are influenced by emotions. But, in the year 2021, with the entrance of mercury planet in your horoscope, you’ll feel more confident. You’ll confidently explain your thoughts. The relationships with families and friends appear to be stronger. People might also make negative comments about you as you talk less and are unable to connect with others. You’ll become more creative in your respective fields that may surprise everyone. You can plan a trip overseas.

Mercury Impact on Leo

Leo’s ruling planet, the Sun, is deemed a strong friend of Mercury. That’s why this year will boost leadership quality in you. At every sphere, your mind-blowing communication skills will draw attention. You’ll be more dominant on others. As per Indian astrology prediction,you will achieve your goals. In your professional life, you will obtain a competitive advantage because of your unbeatable confidence. For a politician, manager, or a person working at an administrative position, the year 2021 has come with opportunities. You will stay dynamic in all spheres but you might overdo a few things many times. So make sure you avoid it. It can lead to a negative outcome.

Mercury Impact on Virgo

Mercury itself is a ruling planet of Virgo. That’s why the year 2021 is going to be very favourable to you. You will discover success in every field. If you are a student, you will perform incredibly good. You will see improvement in your intellect power.

If you run a business, this year will prove highly profitable to you. You will find the solution to problems that have been frustrating you for a very long time. Altogether, you will see improvement in your personality. 

Mercury Impact on Libra

Mercury and the Venus (the ruling planet of moon sign Rashi Libra) are strong friends. It’s indicating auspicious conjunction. You will see improvement in communicational skills; you will connect with people. Everyone will find you more attractive. Though this year will be full of expenses, but you will be able to manage everything. But try to take a well-informed decision instead of showing haste as it can create a negative image of yours among friends. The rest of the things in your life will go incredibly good. 

Mercury Impact on Scorpio

You’ll stay busy this year in numerous tasks. But you will evolve with a successful image at the workplace. Since you will pay attention to getting the real information, you will obtain tremendous results. You will believe more in taking actions instead of planning only. That’s why if you have it in mind to start something new related to business or professional life, of course, it’s high time. Altogether you will have to focus more on practising; you will see results automatically. Find time to recite Lord Mercury mantra.

Mercury Impact on Sagittarius

People working in the business or the finance industry can expect high from the year 2021. Your horoscope is giving some positive signals. If you are planning to invest in the financial market, it will prove highly profitable to you. Also, you will aspire to do some charitable work which is a good thing. Apart from that, you’ll observe improvement in your leadership quality. Tasks will be accomplished on time, and your destiny will be in your favour. Things will go smoothly according to your planets in Vedic astrology.

Mercury Impact on Capricorn

This year will be very productive for you. You’ll be grounded and will manage your professional life skillfully. If you’re planning to expand your business, the year 2021 will shower success on you. The planet conjunction in your horoscope will bring you favourable results. Also, your image in the society will be improved. You will find opportunities and the overall lifestyle will be improved. You’ll observe sweetness in relationships as well. However, you should search more about “how to please lord mercury” if you want to be more grateful.

Mercury Impact on Aquarius

In the year 2021, your mind will stay active and keep thinking about things happening around. This year, you will be helping others; you would want to contribute to social work. You will bear the responsibility for many things. But it will give you peace of mind. Since you think a lot about a situation, you will be able to find out the solution. Also, you will discover new opportunities to grow, yet need to pay attention to Vastu shastra.

Mercury Impact on Pisces

Mercury planet impact on your horoscope will enhance your creative skills. You will be able to shape your imagination in the real world. Though you are a bit sensitive personality, so don’t take decision based on emotions. Give some time to the thought-process and take action. The rest of the things will go pretty well. You will support needy people. People in business or artistic field will see incredible success. Meanwhile, you will find it tough to draw people’s attention as they will view your ideas as unrealistic or dreamy.

The Final Thoughts

The year 2021 has arrived with auspicious conjunctions of planets. Still, for many people, this year will prove to be a little more challenging. That’s why you should seek advice from Vedic astrology experts.

What should be done in a particular event to correct the position of planets that foster happiness and success in your life? Find the ultimate solution only at askastroshalini.com. The role of planets in astrology varies from person to person due to different birth dates. Meanwhile, if you don’t want that the year 2021appears like the previous one or worse than that, don’t forget to contact Vedic experts only at askastroshalini.com.

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