Astrology and The Planetary Impact on Our Life

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Vedic astrology originated in Ancient India and has thrived for thousands of years. Astrology as a discipline has been popular and offers the capability to make accurate predictions on the basis of natal chart of an individual implying strong meaning about aspects of career, business, relations, or love. Therefore, often, when we read the astrological predictions based on our zodiac sign, many of us start relating and thinking on the impact of the planets on our lives.

Indian astrology system is highly precise and encompasses all aspects be it marriage, education, job or relations, and planets such as the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu (head and tail of the serpent) signify impact as per their placement, movements and occasional transits in the birth chart.

Let us elaborate below about the planets and their placements can have beneficial or unfavourable effects on native’s aspects, according to the birth chart.                                   

  • According to Vedic astrology and Brihat Parashar Hora Shashtra, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are nine planets. Apart from Sun, Saturn, Mars and lower Moon, Rahu and Ketu are vicious planets and rest of planets like Jupiter, Venus, Moon (Vardhman) and Mercury are auspicious planets. With a vicious planet, Mercury acts unfavourably for the native. Thus, it has been orated –

Ath Khetaa Ravishchandro Mangalasch Budhstha|

Guruh Shukrah Shanih Rahu Ketuschaiyete Yathakramum||

Tartrark-Shani-BhuPutra Sheedhendu-Rahu-Ketavah|

Kroora SheshGrah Soumyah Kroora Kroora Yuto Budhah||12||

  • In terms of career prospects, it is believed that the Sun is the most beneficial planet. Placement of sun in favourable positions can skyrocket growth, authority and leadership abilities of the native. Sun aids in placing the native in leadership positions, especially in governmental or administrative jobs.
  • Mars is also known for providing great benefits in career and opportunities for growth. Referred as the red planet, Mars although is considered fiery, but it also blesses the native with courage to surpass all types of challenges and emerge victorious in professional field.
  • In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is one of the biggest and most beneficial planets. This planet, if in favourable position promotes native’s growth and expansion in terms of career and business, both and also blesses him or her with abundance. Jupiter signifies wisdom, knowledge, wealth, prosperity, authority, power and generosity. If placed in connection with Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Saturn, it brings positive result. Also, when the moon is in centre in conjugation with Jupiter or has an impact on Mercury, and Venus, then this placement creates a very auspicious GajKesari Yog. This yog blesses the native with immense wealth, power, and influence with a royal aura, also leads to success in every effort. Thus, it has been orated –

KendraSthitey Devgurao Shashankkaad Yogasthdahugajkesariti|

Drishte Sitayendusutey Shashanke Neechastahinaiigajkesariti||

Gajkesarisanjaatsthejasvi Dhanvaan Bhavet|

Medhavi Gunsampanno Rajpriyakaro Bhavet||4||

  • Seventh house of the native signifies marriage prospects. According to Vedic astrological predictions, Mars is a planet with forceful and aggressive energy while it is very important planet in the marriage house. If Mars is in the lagna of 4, 7, 8 12 houses, it means that the native has Manglik Dosha. For marriage related match-making or Kundali Milaan, it is critical to check the placement of Mars in lagna. Also, the compatibility between two natives for marriages is checked and determined by the placement of planet Mars placement.
  • A strong placement of Mercury in native’s birth chart creates flourishing chances of business growth and expansion. If Mercury is well placed with connection to Sun, then native can do export and import business, power & energy business, clothes business while with moon, native can have business in tour & travel, nursery & farming, silk, writing, and art. Mercury also facilitates power of communication and technology, so individual with Mercury as ruling planet are generally associated with profession that involves usage of communication or related tools.
  • If in the kendra (centre) of native’s horoscope, favourable planets like Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, or Moon are placed then they postpone the related gain of the planet placement for the native. Similarly, if unfavourable planets are placed in the kendra of native’s horoscope, then they postpone the unfavourable result for the native. Only, the planets in Trikonesh (triangular placement) provide favourable result to the native.

Astrology can effectively predict individual’s past, present and future, according to pro-grade and retrograde movement and placement of planets in the birth chart. Astrologers merely require correct natal information to predict everything accurately and suggest remedies as well for removing obstacles.

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