Life shows many twists and turns when we walk on our destined life paths. Our journeys are different yet most of us have to deal with similar aspects. We always look for guidance to solve the hurdles that we may face. What luck has in store for us also poses mysterious questions, meanwhile. Challenges and trials sometimes overwhelm and make us anxious. As a reason, we strive hard to know what the future and the remedies, which can speed up our growth in life.

The amount of success and failure that we are destined to get, continues to intrigue us. To know what we have predestined for us, astrological interpretations hold the key. Every individual and their birth chart are different while the personality traits are unique. The spiritual guidance and details based on the birth date, time and place of birth can greatly predict the upcoming events in our life. Astrology is an effective means to find answers pertaining to future events and their consequences on our well-being.

Signs in astrology

Great sages of India such as Bhrigu and Agastya muni have divided moon signs into three Charanas – Nirayanas (belt of 360 degress); Sayana (12 parts); Rasi (part of Sayana at 30 degress). And the predictions in astrology are based on moon signs. The moon sign is calculated on basis of an individual’s time of birth, day and place of birth. By accessing these unique and personal information, in Hindu astrology, astrologers can predict the course of life with accuracy.

In correlation with the nine planets, astrologers illustrate the impact on native. While, by analyzing the moon signs astrologers create the complete birth chart.

In hindu astrology there are nine planets – Mesh, Vrisha, Mithun, Makar, Dhanu, Kark, Kanya, Sinha, Meen, Kumbh, Tula, Vrishchika. These planets also get influenced by 27 nakshatras which are identified by star formation in the sky. The predictions essentially depend upon the influence of planet on native’s moon sign considering the significant Nakshatra, he/she is born in.

Astrology and planets

Astrology is thousands of years old form of future prediction system, invented by pious sages and rishis in Hinduism. Hindu astrology is intrinsic and calculations based are purely mathematical. The interpretation system of Hindu astrology is logical and spiritual, both. It elaborately describes each moon sign’s quality and traits while check the movement of planets. Astrologically, each planet depicts some aspect of our life. And when the birth charts is created, it reflect aspects such as job, family, health, wealth, relations as per movement of planets.

Predictions of astrology are based on these movements and spheres of life a planet depicts. For an instance, in a birth chart planet Shukra signifies beauty & charm, status and wealth, enjoyment and state of marriage. Also, ruling planet of each moon sign impacts the native and movement of other planet in their birth chart. Nine prominent planets in astrology are Surya, Buddh, Chandrama, Mangal, Brihasparti, Shukra Rahu, Ketu, and Shani, which can have positive and negative influences in a chart. Let us see the types of influences of these nine planets in the birth chart:

  • Surya: This planet connotes authority, success, ability to deal with difficulties.
  • Chandra: Chandra signifies emotional state, purity, sensitivity.
  • Vrihaspati: Vrihaspati denotes fortune, wealth, knowledge, authority, generosity.
  • Shukra: Shukra covers the aspects related to beauty, marriage, love and enjoyment in life.
  • Mangal: Mangal shows aggression, fertility, courage and freedom to take on life.
  • Buddh: This planet blesses native with excellent ability to communicate, devotion and knowledge.
  • Shani: Shani brings in hardwork for native. It denotes lessons of life and fortune when the lessons are learned.
  • Rahu and Ketu: Both Rahu and Ketu are considered malefic which create delays and hurdles in the chart. While rahu can have both negative and positive impact in a chart.

Astrology Birthcharts

Majority of astrologers are learned masters who make enormous efforts to understand this discipline of Jyotish Shastra. By accumulating every piece of information on grah (planets), gochar (placement) and Nakshatra (star formation). Based on the information related to a native’s birth, elaborated chart is hand-created to make accurate predictions. Each birth chart has 12 separate sections depicting aspects such as marriage, finances, parents, work or profession.

Every birth chart points up the placements of planets in the nine planets. The traits of the native are assessed in relation to the placement of the nine planets. The nine planets follow a pre-defined for movement in every moon sign. The movement can bring fortune, challenges, and many other surprises for a native. Astrology thus, is a way to unravel what’s in store for us through specific calculations.

Astrology and its significance

It has been observed by historians that Hinduism is the oldest known religion of the world. The Vedas written by the sages like Vashishtha, Bhrigu and Garga became the foundation of disciplines like astrology. Prominent astrological scriptures such as Brihad Parashara Hora were written by sages like Parashara. Their knowledge of the divine has been used to ink the disciplines like astrology.

Being a centuries-old study, Hindu astrology reveals all hidden information, which influences the aspects of our life. It has been scientifically proven that planets and celestial bodies’ impacts earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, in astrology it is considered that their movement also affects our life.

Hindu astrology makes generous use of mathematical calculations, movement and transits of planets, and stars to create individual birth charts. The birth charts is form of blueprint of a person’s past, present and future. It takes years of practice and deep knowledge of positing of planets, and effects of malefic and benefice planets that shapes up the process of prediction.

Even after thousands of years, Hindu astrology also referred as Vedic astrology has made note worthy contribution in our lives. The roots of astrology run deep with numerous sages meditating to the gain the spiritual power of converting universal knowledge into future predicts. Astrology is a vast knowledge base, which will keep guiding us with its rich reserves of information and calculation based system in the years to come.

Core beliefs in Vedic astrology

As per the basic beliefs of Vedic astrology and predictions, each celestial body including sun, moon, and stars influence the beings on earth. Similar to what the influence of the celesitial bodies have on earth’s surface. In its core, vedic astrology has: Nine planets Mesh; Vrishabh; Mithun; Kark; Simha; Kanya; Tula; Vrishchik; Dhanu; Makar; Kumbh; Meen. Nine houses Rahu, Ketu, Chandra, Surya, Shani, Guru, Mangal, Budhh 27 NakshatrasAshwini; Bha- rani; Krittika; Rohini; Mrigshirs- ha; Ardra; Punarvasu; Pushya; Ashl- esha; Magha; Purva Phalguni; Uttara Phalguni; Hasta; Chitra; Swati; Vi- shakha; Anuradha; Jyeshtha’; Mula; Purva Shadha; Uttara Shadha; Shravana; Dhanishtha; Sha- tbhisha; Purva Bhadrapada; Uttara Bhadrapada; Revati; Abhijit (excluded) The guidance provided to us by the means Vedic knowledge has enriched our lives since many years. In modern times as well, this divine knowledge holds considerable importance and helps us grow through the hurdles that we come across. In every phase of life, the positive moments pull up our energies and encourage us to be more successful. While, the negative occasions tell us to halt our mission and rethink our path and decisions. In the mid of this, sciences like Vedic astrology become the guiding light and a knowledge to unfold the future.

Benefits of Vedic astrology

Vedic astrology is used to make predictions for an individual’s present life. In hindu astrological tradition, it is believed that all human beings are born to serve their karma. The birth of a native is not a random event. The soul reborn at a congenial occasion to complete the unfinished karma of previous birth. And so they have to perform their karmas as per the pre-destined path created and vested upon them by the cosmic power. Vedic astrology has many benefits for the individual who are dealing with different kinds of stress and struggles. Accessing the knowledge of the predicted future allows a native to act cautiously, and as per the predestined path. Some other benefits of Vedic astrology are: Vedic astrology provides remedies to counter bad karma of previous birth. Vedic astrological predictions work as word of caution for native. Vedic astrologers can guide any native about their education, work, health and relationships. Vedic astrology provides spiritual guidance and whole new perspective to deal with situations.